Do you need to send a package to Kenya? There are dozens of professional parcel delivery and courier service companies serving the Kenyan market. They deliver your package from abroad to Kenya fast, safely, and in the same condition, you sent it. More so, they give you an instant quote for your international shipping needs even before you book the services. That way, you know what and when to expect your package, as per the quoted price.

The Service Options


1.      Shipping Only

Shipping only applies to anyone who already has a package and wants to send it to Kenya.

The steps are as follows: –           

  • State the origin and destination of the package
  • Provide the shipping details (Size, shape, and description of the contents)
  • Get an estimated quote from the shipping company
  • Book for the services
  • Receive & pay for the package

If you do not have a package but instead want to shop abroad before using the shipping only service, then;

  • Shop and pay for the product from the international sellers
  • Quote the courier service shipping address as the drop off point for the products
  • The shipping company will receive and send a package to Kenya on your behalf

Most shipping companies do not accept returns for any shipping-only orders.


  • If you are buying and shipping products, you can take advantage of discounts and promotions by doing the shopping yourself
  • When dealing with a shipping company with multiple drop-off points, you can buy the products and ship them to a drop-off point with the cheapest shipping costs.
  • You know for sure what is in the package to Kenya.


2.      Buy & Ship

The simplified steps above apply if you already have the package ready to ship it. If you are in Kenya or any other country, you can still engage a shipping company to buy and send a package to Kenya as follows: –

  • Choose the “buy and ship” option provided by the shipping company
  • Get and forward the product link to the shipping company, asking them to buy the product on your behalf
  • Generate and accept a revised estimated quote that includes the purchase price, service fee, and shipping costs for the products
  • Book the services by making payment for the purchase cost
  • Receive and pay for the package

Under the buy and ship service, you get 100% reimbursement if the shipping company delivers the wrong item. In contrast, they do not accept returns for items delivered per the customer’s exact order. Hence, you must scrutinize the online sellers before providing the link to their products to the shipping company. Still, if returning a product for purposes of exercising a warranty or repair, you shall bear the shipping cost only.


  • It allows you to shop for products from sellers that do not send a package to Kenya. Here, you can contact the shipping company to do both the shipping and shopping on your behalf.
  • A safer & convenient option if your local bank cards are not acceptable by the online merchant
  • No need to sign up for unnecessary money transfer services
  • You pay no extra cost for the shopping.


Our Top 10 Picks


1.      DHL Worldwide Express Ltd – Best for Sending Any Package Size


Send Package/Parcel to Kenya


DHL is a renowned international shipping specialist and courier delivery company, operating in Kenya and more than 220 other countries worldwide. Send a package to Kenya via DHL and use their solid tracking systems to guarantee safe delivery. More so, DHL has no size or weight restrictions, making it the best option for bulk packages. Plus, it uses land, air, and ocean transportation logistics to cater to standard and custom shipments all around the globe without any hassle.


What We Like

  • No pickup fees or volume commitment requirement
  • 24/7 live customer service, no waiting
  • Has international door-to-door delivery of packages
  • Fast refunds for any service failures


2.      Savo Store – Best For Fast & Affordable Shipping from the US to Kenya


Send Package/Parcel to Kenya

Savo Store buys and ships products and parcels from the US to Kenya. It is your best pick if you need to import goods from the USA to Kenya. The shipping company gives you a price estimate that includes all customs clearance charges, avoiding any surprises on delivery. More so, this price has an additional 5% value of the items if your package is worth $100 and above. Hence, you pay an extra 5% towards insuring the package. Also, payment on delivery applies to shipping only. Still, if you use the buy and ship service, you will need to pay in full or 50% for orders valued above Kshs. 100,000.


  • Available Services: Parcel delivery ( Buy n Ship and Shipping Only)
  • Shipping Rate per Kg: $15 per Kg, Minimum Charge $45
  • Maximum Weight & Size: No Minimum or Maximum Quantity Requirements
  • Transit Time: 7 – 15 Business Days
  • Updates on Tracking Your Package: E-mails & Calls from Customer Care Desk
  • Mode of Delivery: Air, Ocean
  • Prohibited Items: See a list at

What We Like

  • Simplified & transparent pricing policy, no surprises on delivery
  • Real-time updates on the purchase, shipping & arrival of the package
  • Consolidates bulk items to minimize costs
  • Ships to other major towns in Kenya apart from Nairobi on request


3.      Ken Tex Cargo – Best for Shipping from the USA and China to Kenya


Send Package/Parcel to Kenya

Do you need to send a package to Kenya from the USA or China to Kenya? Then, opt for KenTex Cargo for a hassle-free experience. Indeed, if you prefer using shipping-only services, Ken Tex Cargo will offer free package inspection once the international online seller delivers the goods at the shipping company’s warehouse. That way, there is minimal chance of returning the products due to anomalies, damages, or inaccuracy. More so, KenTex Cargo charges a 5% extra for insurance for products valued at $200 and above.


  • Available Services: Parcel Delivery, Postal Service & E-Commerce Support
  • Shipping Rate per Kg: $15 per kg by Air, $30 per Cubic Foot by Ocean
  • Maximum Weight & Size: 300kg Per Parcel, Length 300cm (Based on Custom Quotation)
  • Transit Time: 7 – 14 Days By Air, 75 – 90 Days
  • Updates on Tracking Your Package: Regular Real-Time Tracking & Notification Alerts on Email & Phone
  • Mode of Delivery: Air, Ocean
  • Prohibited Items: See a list at

What We Like

  • Offers assisted shopping on request for non-US resident
  • Real-time tracking & notifications
  • Handles all customs clearance, complex logistics & paperwork for bulk deliveries
  • Free package inspection for accuracy, anomalies & damages
  • Consolidates multiple packages to save on shipping costs


4.      Box Kenya/Zigofly Kenya Limited – Best for Shipping from the US & UK


Send Package/Parcel to Kenya

Next, when you need to send a package to Kenya after shopping from eBay, Amazon, or any other online shopping store in the US, UK, or Dubai, count on Box Kenya to deliver it for you. Established in 2016, Zigofly or Box Kenya has one of the lowest shipping rates per kg. More so, they offer free storage of your purchases at their warehouses for up to 30 days. Then, they consolidate and repackage the products to get rid of unnecessary packaging to minimize the shipping weight and cost. Besides, you can browse US and UK stores and take advantage of seasonal deals directly from the Zigofly website.


  • Available Services : Shop n Ship, Shipping Only
  • Shipping Rate per Kg: US: $10 for 1 kg and below, $20/kg for items above 1 kg; UK: £15/kg with no customs fee for weights below 4 kgs, £10/kg +£35 customs fees for weights above 4 kgs
  • Maximum Weight & Size: No Minimum or Maximum Weight Requirement
  • Transit Time: UK: 3 – 4 Weeks, US: 1 – 2 Weeks
  • Updates on Tracking Your Package: Email & SMS Notifications
  • Mode of Delivery: Air Freight Only
  • Prohibited Items: See a list at


What We Like:

  • Get a free US and UK address upon signing up
  • Offers assisted shopping and package consolidation
  • Free shipping insurance for packages valued at $100 and below
  • Next day delivery upon arrival in Kenya for final destinations outside Nairobi
  • No hidden or surprise charges
  • Great in communication


5.      FedEx Kenya – Best for Sending Corporate Packages to Kenya


Send Package/Parcel to Kenya

FedEx is a reputable international shipping company with regional offices in Kenya. It works together with TNT to send a package to Kenya fast. Here, you open a FedEx account then get shipping boxes (10kg or 25kg) depending on the weight of your package. Further, their prices include insurance and customs clearance fees. And, you enjoy discounts of between 6 to 20% on shipping costs. This option is excellent for B2B package correspondences.



What We Like

  • Precise delivery times, or have your money back
  • Free packaging with simplified paperwork
  • Reliable mobile app for tracking and tracing your package
  • Has weekend deliveries


6.      United Parcel Service (UPS) Kenya – Best for Day-Definite Delivery


Send Package/Parcel to Kenya

UPS Kenya is a US-owned international shipping company. This company assists individuals and businesses move packages across the globe fast. It has its headquarters in Sandy Springs, Georgia, and can ship parcels to its branch in Nairobi. And, it groups its shipping solutions into six packages (UPS Express Plus, UPS Express, UPS Express Saver, UPS Expedited, UPS Worldwide Express Freight, and UPS Worldwide Express Freight Midday) for time-sensitive and less urgent shipments. Hence, you may have your parcel delivered by the following day or agree on a day and time when you want the package to be in Kenya. UPS guarantees this day-definite delivery.


  • Available Services : International Shipping, Contract Logistics, Money Transfer
  • Shipping Rate per Kg: N/A. Price depends on service package, country’s zone number, weight, content, & specific additional charges.
  • Maximum Weight & Size: 70kg per package
  • Transit Time: 1 – 5 Business Days
  • Updates on Tracking Your Package: On UPS Website, SMS & Email Notifications
  • Mode of Delivery: Air, Ocean
  • Prohibited Items: See a list at


What We Like

  • A wide range of shipping options for time-sensitive deliveries
  • Makes up to three delivery attempts
  • Convenient city center shipping locations
  • Superb tracking capabilities


7.      Planet Express – For Versatile Delivery Methods


Send Package/Parcel to Kenya

Planet Express is a package forwarding specialist that contracts DHL, USPS, FedEx, Planet Mail, and Postal Service to send a package to Kenya. Here, you can choose to send 0.5kg, 4.5 kg, or 20kg boxes. Hence, you can consolidate multiple packages fit them in one box to reduce shipping costs. Then, pick a delivery method depending on your budget and urgency. Planet Express offers tax-free storage at its Oregon warehouse.


  • Available Services : Package Forwarding, Consolidation, Fulfillment, Shop For Me Services
  • Shipping Rate per Kg: Starts at $10/kg
  • Maximum Weight & Size:3 lbs., 24 inches Max. Length
  • Transit Time: 5 to 25 Business Days
  • Updates on Tracking Your Package: Email & SMS Notifications
  • Mode of Delivery: Air, Land, Ocean
  • Prohibited Items: See a list at


What We Like

  • Up to 10 days free storage at warehouse
  • Save up to 80% with package consolidation
  • Get a free USA address
  • Responsive and helpful customer service


8.      Parcel Monkey – For Affordable Delivery Methods


Send Package/Parcel to Kenya

Parcel Monkey is another package forwarder operating similarly to Planet Express. It contracts with other shipping companies like DHL and USPS to send a package to Kenya via versatile delivery options. More so, it picks up and drops off your package from your work or home address at an affordable rate. Your package from the US shall arrive in Kenya via your chosen delivery method. Then, it goes to the Kenya Postal Service handlers for final drop-off.


  • Available Services : Package Forwarding
  • Shipping Rate per Kg: Starts at $49.21/kg
  • Maximum Weight & Size: No Size or Weight Restrictions
  • Transit Time: 11 to 22 Days
  • Updates on Tracking Your Package: Email & SMS Notifications
  • Mode of Delivery: Land, Air, Ocean
  • Prohibited Items: See a list at

What We Like

  • Has convenient pickup and drop-off services
  • Optional protection cover available
  • Offers weekend collections
  • Gives access to discounted shipping rates


9.      Expedited Mail Service (EMS) Kenya – Best for Documents & Small Parcels


Send Package/Parcel to Kenya

EMS is a courier company specializing in moving documents and parcels worldwide. It works with a global network of 178 other postal operators. In Kenya, EMS works with the Postal Corporation of Kenya. More so, EMS Kenya’s pricing policy is pegged on distance traveled, not the weight or size of the package, making it a more affordable option.


  • Available Services : Letter-post & Parcel-post Services
  • Shipping Rate per Kg: Not Applicable
  • Maximum Weight & Size: 50 kg
  • Transit Time: 1 – 7 Days
  • Updates on Tracking Your Package: SMS & Email Notifications
  • Mode of Delivery: Land, Ocean, Air
  • Prohibited Items: See a list at

What We Like

  • Fastest cross-border postal service
  • Sends a package to Kenya from up to 3,000 destinations worldwide
  • Has 285 acceptance centers in Kenya
  • Affordable shipping options


10.  Online Shopping Stores


Send Package/Parcel to Kenya

Finally, there are online shopping stores that ship directly to Kenya. They include: –

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • AliExpress
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • Newegg
  • Zappos
  • Home Depot
  • Overstock
  • Kohl’s

Here are additional tips to guarantee safety of your package directly from online shopping stores: –

  • Ask your bank to register your card for international payments
  • Call or message the help desk of the online shopping store before finalizing the shipping transaction
  • Read reviews from past customers regarding the supplier’s after-sales assistance and communication
  • Focus on gold plus suppliers with verified locations and a history of recent transactions
  • Check the return policy
  • Insist on a buyer protection coverage or pay through an escrow account



Send a Package to Kenya FAQs


1.      What factors should I consider when selecting the best shipping solution to send a package to Kenya?

Consider the pricing, list of services available, customer support, reputation and reliability of the shipping company, and their efficiency in providing the services.

2.      How does my package get clearance with Kenyan customs?

When you send a package to Kenya from such countries as the UK and US, you need customs clearance. Here, you fill out customs forms at the country of origin to provide an itemized list of the contents of the package. It will facilitate further processing by the Kenyan Customs agents. That way, you pay the correct customs duties and import taxes as per the contents. Work with a reliable parcel service provider who will oversee this customs clearance process for you.

3.      What products are prohibited or restricted for Kenya?

Kenya has several items that it prohibits or restricts from entering the country. Such products include fresh or perishable foodstuffs, alcohol, and narcotics. Avoid any inconveniences by counter-checking the complete list of restricted and prohibited items to Kenya from the shipping company’s official website.




As you decide on the shipping company or online shopping store that will send a package to Kenya safely and reliably, compare quotes and extra benefits from each company. Ultimately, you want to take advantage of loyalty programs and other offers available for repeat customers.

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